High-level wrapper around Flecs, a powerful ECS (Entity Component System) library, written in Zig language

Updated 2 weeks ago

Wasmtime bindings for Zig

Updated 1 month ago

A game prototype built with Godot 4 exploring in-world inventory management mechanics.

Updated 6 months ago

Hardcore survival and expert crafting modpack for Minecraft 1.18.2 on Forge, with added cursedness.

Updated 7 months ago

Fork of mellinoe/ImGui.NET, an ImGui wrapper for .NET, which includes access to internal functions.

Updated 9 months ago

Alternative managed wrapper around flecs-cs bindings for using the ECS framework Flecs in modern .NET.

Updated 4 months ago

Updated 5 months ago

Minecraft Modpack

Updated 9 months ago

Well-rounded Minecraft 1.18.2 modpack featuring Tech, Magic, Exploration and Decoration content. Made with love. 💚

Updated 11 months ago