Well-rounded Minecraft 1.18.2 modpack featuring Tech, Magic, Exploration and Decoration content. Made with love. 💚
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copygirl bd11603154 Add Easy Magic 1 year ago
artifacts-server.toml Use tab indentation in .toml files 1 year ago
backpacked-server.toml Clear banned items from Backpacked backpack 1 year ago
carryon-server.toml Prevent carrying of lecterns 1 year ago
compostbag-server.toml Add Compost Bag 1 year ago
curios-server.toml Add more Curios slots + cosmetics 1 year ago
easymagic-server.toml Add Easy Magic 1 year ago
ensorcellation-server.toml Initial commit 1 year ago
immersiveengineering-server.toml Initial commit 1 year ago
moremobgriefingoptions-server.toml Casual Update 2.0 1 year ago
thermal-server.toml Initial commit 1 year ago