Clear banned items from Backpacked backpack

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#Common configuration settings
#A list of items that are not allowed inside a backpack. Note: It is recommended to ban items that have an inventory as this will create large NBT data and potentially crash the server!
bannedItems = []
#If enabled, prevents backpacks from being customised. This will remove the customise button from the backpack inventory
disableCustomisation = false
#Allows every player to use any backpack cosmetic variant without needing to complete the challenges. Side note, any progress to a challenge will not be tracked while enabled.
unlockAllBackpacks = false
#Stops players from removing the backpack if it's not empty. This prevents players from carrying multiple backpacks.
lockBackpackIntoSlot = true
#When breaking a shelf, the placed backpack will also drops it's items into the world. This prevents players from carrying multiple backpacks
dropContentsFromShelf = true
#When picking up a backpack (with items inside) off the ground, the item will automatically equip. Having this enabled may not be ideal for multiplayer servers.
autoEquipBackpackOnPickup = false
#If enabled, allows players to access the backpack of another player by interacting with the visible backpack on their back.
pickpocketBackpacks = true
#The maximum reach distance of a player to interact with another player's backpack.
#Range: 0.0 ~ 4.0
pickpocketDistance = 1.5
#The maximum angle at which another player's backpack can be accessed
#Range: 0.0 ~ 90.0
pickpocketMaxRangeAngle = 80.0