6 Mod List
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🧩 Essential

Mods that are either essential or just a good idea to have in any modpack.

⏱ Optimization / Fixes

Mods that optimize performance of the game or fix issues.

🔩 Utility / Tweaks

Mods that add mechanics or make small changes without adding game content.

🏷 Information

Mods that display additional information about items, or your surroundings on tooltips, your HUD or in-world.

  • AppleSkin - Display nutrition information of foods and player's hunger bar
  • Chat Heads (client-side) - Display player heads next to players' chat messages
  • Detail Armor Bar (client-side) - Display more information about equipped armor in armor bar
  • Jade - Display information about blocks / entities looked at
  • JEI Integration (client-side) - Shows additional information in item tooltip (durability, enchantability)
  • More Overlays Updated (client-side) - Find dark spots where mobs can spawn and highlight searched items
  • Neko's Enchanted Books (client-side) - Unique textures for enchanted books
  • Pick Up Notifier (client-side) - Shows a log of items and experience picked up
  • Toast Control (client-side) - Disables all tutorial and advancement toasts
  • Xaero's Minimap - Display minimap and supports creating waypoints
  • Xaero's World Map - Stores and display a map of the whole world

🧮 Inventory Management

Mods that make dealing with inventories more straight-forward.

🖥 Visual

Mods that improve visual aspects of the game.

  • Distant Horizons (side-side, optional) - See further in your world with far chunks rendered at lower detail
  • Ears (client-side) - Customize your skin with ears, snouts, muzzles, horns, wings, ...
  • Loot Beams (client-side, recommended) - Shows loot beams on dropped items
  • No More Night Vision Flashing! (client-side) - Removes flashing effect when night vision is running out

🔊 Sound

Mods that improve the auditory experience of the game.

🧺 Various Content

Mods of any size that add game content without fitting into another category, or covering multiple.

🍏 Food / Farming

Mods that deal with foods or farming related activities.

🖼 Decoration / Building

Mods that mostly deal with decoration, or add new building blocks.

🪖 Equipment

Mods that add new equipment, enchantments or deal with equipment in general.

🐺 Mobs

Mods that add mobs (both passive and aggressive), modify their behavior or functionality.

🏭 Technology

Mods that have a technological feel, whether mechanical, electrical or digital.

🪄 Magic

Mods that focus on Magic or have a magical feel to them.

🌍 World Generation

Mods that add to or modify world generation, whether biomes, dungeons, other structures, or dimensions.

📚 Library

Mods that are used by other mods to share common code / resources but don't themselves add content.